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About the company

We manufacture standard and custom-made cutting tools for machining metals, plastics, composites, wood and exotic metals

The manufacturing industries that machine metals, regardless of the type, plastics or wood, need high-performance cutting tools that perfectly match their needs.

At Precicut, for 15 years we have been producing both standard cutting tools and custom cutting tools, meeting the most stringent specifications of our customers from across Canada.

Not sure which cutting tool to use for a particular application? The experts at Precicut will give you the best advice!

Do you need to design a cutting tool that doesn't exist? Our engineering department will quickly develop the appropriate solution.

Whether you need a simple cutting tool or one dedicated to complex machining functions, to design or sharpen those that you already have, you will find the best at Precicut, and at the best price.

Advanced technology

Each tool or part produced with our CNC equipment comes with a metrology report to ensure its high accuracy.

Why choose us?

Automated equipment from the world’s best manufacturers for absolute precision, time after time, in every part we produce or rework

  • Parts engineering service headed by experienced staff
  • High level of precision guaranteed, regardless of the materials used in your drilling and cutting tools, including HSS or carbide
  • Vast inventory of standard cutting tools for immediate shipping
  • Fast delivery anywhere in Canada
  • Competitive rates


Manufacturing, sale and delivery all across Canada