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Custom-made cutting tools

For virtually all types of cutting tools, of all sizes and for all applications—even the most sophisticated ones and those requiring absolute precision, such as for the aerospace industry.

Standard cutting tools ready for delivery

You may also need standard cutting tools. Good news! We keep thousands of the most popular cutting tools in stock. Chances are, we have the ones you are looking for. Just contact us, we will ship your tools the same day for orders received early in the morning, or, if not, the next business day.

High-precision sharpening

Reworking cutting tools whenever possible is a great way to achieve significant savings. We have the equipment and experience to sharpen your tools without compromising the original specifications.

PVD coating

The appropriate coating will enhance your cutting tools’ durability and extend their life, especially when they’re used at very high rotation speeds. Our experts can help you choose the right coating for your specific uses and needs.

Cylindrical grinding

Grinding is a manufacturing process by machining for precision manufacturing and an impeccable finish. Depending on the characteristics of your cutting tools, it can be done on grinders or manually.

Engineering service

Questions? Problems with any of your cutting tools? Urgently need a custom tool? Our experts will be happy to help you!

Why choose us?

Automated equipment from the world’s best manufacturers for absolute precision, time after time, in every part we produce or rework

  • Parts engineering service headed by experienced staff
  • High level of precision guaranteed, regardless of the materials used in your drilling and cutting tools, including HSS or carbide
  • Vast inventory of standard cutting tools for immediate shipping
  • Fast delivery anywhere in Canada
  • Competitive rates


Manufacturing, sale and delivery all across Canada